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About Lincoln Tree
Established in 1974

Todd Brown founded Lincoln Tree & Landscape in his parent's garage in Lincoln, Massachusetts in 1974, when Todd was younger he found interest in helping local people in Lincoln with their numerous yard work. In 1975 the company was incorporated and consisted of him and one other worker. In 1978 Todd re-located to Acton, Massachusetts and started his family.

Todd has always liked working with trees, shrubs and plants. He is experienced and  knowledgeable with all species. Todd enjoys being creative with landscape design, and especially perennial beds. 

The company has grown as large as thirty-eight employees, and is currently at thirty. Lincoln Tree has an on-site mechanic, masons, septic installers, experienced gardeners, and certified arborist.

We practice GREEN methods through the company. We heat our garage with a wood burning furnace with our waste wood from tree work, we use grass clippings and leaves to produce natural compost. We can even customize the compost to suit your plant needs.

Lincoln Tree & Landscape has had a loyalty customer base and we pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients. We have even adjusted procedures to  accommodate clients that are elderly and/or disabled.

Lincoln Tree and Landscaping

As you know we are a full service landscaping company serving the western suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. We specialize in landscape design and installation, but also provide a variety of other services. One call does it all. Call us for complete site work, drainage systems, in-ground sprinkler systems, all types of masonry work, patios, walkways, waterfalls, and ponds. Let our fully-insured landscaping crew handel your shrub, tree planting, and transplanting needs. We also offer full Bobcat services such as power raking, grading, and trenching. We offer full Hydro seeding services. We can seed your lawn with estate quality seed mix, and we also offer wild flower and slope mixes for erosion control.

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